About Us

Formed in the Autumn of 2012,  four friends all with a big passion for live music  and the Greatest live   band today....U2.

We All have Music backgrounds and we do the best to make our set as "Live" as a U2 gig

Lets us take you on a Musical Journey  from  U2,s  back catolouge of the last 35 years.


Vocals - Tristan James


 On Guitar - Neill Drummond


 On Bass Guitar - Matt Jones


Drums - Darren Clark
I have  been playing the Drums for over 20 years, started playing in  local garage bands and has been gigging in the Bournemouth music scene since the early 90,s playing in cover bands(all had a few U2 numbers in the setlist).
What made me want to play the drum,s  ,the opening drum beats of "Sunday Bloody Sunday "and the War album ,this also got me into U2.
I just fell into their music, its great that the band are still together after over 35 years ,still making great music and touring and I have seen them on 6 tours.
I,m a big fan of Larry, and I think Larry and Adam make a great rhythm section, and what they play works well within U2.
Favourite Songs-  One, The Unforgetable Fire,  Where The Streets Have No Names  ,Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, New Years Day, Walk On, Untill The End Of The World.
Favourite Albums- Acthung Baby,  The Joshua Tree, War, All That You Cant Leave Behind,  "Live"  at Red Rocks.
Favourite Tour - Zoo TV , Elevation, Vertigo.

My Gear:
Yamaha Beech Custom Drum Kit 
Yamaha Hardware
GTC Custom Snare  13 x 7 (wood)
Rhythm Tech Tambourines x 2
Paiste Cymbals